Barley Leaves Extract

BARLEY SUPER  Dr. Hagiwara's Original Formula

After more than 20 years’ research and development, an internationally renowned researcher from Japan, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, selected Barley leaves as his choice of “green food”. The Barley leaves are grown 100% organically with no chemical fertilizers or spray. Dr.Hagiwara then developed and patented the right process for extracting and drying the Barley juice. Barley Super is the powdered essence of vital young barley leaves, which are food concentrate of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzyme, chlorophyll and antioxidant. It captures all the active constituents and nutrients of young barley leaves, which less sensitive processing may destroy. Because of the balance source of rich nutrients, Barley Super can help in anti-inflammatory, controlling uric acid level in the body, improving skin quality, bad breath, constipation and even detoxification effect.


Summary of Some Major Benefits of Barley Super :

Rejuvenating: The antioxidants in Barley Super e.g. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), 2”-O-GIV, Saponarin, Lutonarin can fight the free radicals that speed aging. The activated enzymes e.g. Lipase, Protease also lessen the effects of radiation and slow the formation of aging lines/ spots. All the above enzymes play an important role for metabolism of the whole body and then improving skin conditions.

Detoxification: The chlorophyll in Barley Super helps cleanse the body of internal toxins. The active ingredients in Barley Super promote the mobility of the intestinal tract. As a result, the digestive system can be support with less chance of disorder. Barley Super also inhibits accumulation of fat in the body, which may cause obesity.

Alkalize: The key to vibrant health is partly a matter of keeping your pH in balance. It is true that we are eating excessive amounts of processed foods e.g. meats, starch, sugar and fried foods, which are acid and can cause various chronic degenerate diseases. Barley Super, one of the most alkaline food in nature , can easily neutralize the acidity of the body fluids.  It is also an excellent source of alkali to counter acid stomach.

Energizing: The amazing restorative power of the powdered juice of Barley Super is born out of the natural enzymes, raw chlorophyll, natural vitamins and minerals especially Potassium, and other anti-oxidant.  All the nutrients are natural and kept intact in Barley Super, which can readily restore your body without any side effect. 


The Highest Quality and Safety  Made In Japan  No.1 Best Seller:

JHFA: Barley Super is accredited by Japan Health Food Authorization as marked labeled product. This mark, conforming the food product health laws and nutrition improvement law, is displayed on products that meet the strict examination about product ingredients specification, production standard, proper labeling and advertising.

Awards: Barley Super has been produced and distributed in Japan since 1968  and has obtained different awards including Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award, Lifetime Dedication to Pharmaceutical Industry Award, Medal with Yellow Ribbon from Prime Minister of Japan.


Barley Super: Unique Manufacturing Process

1. 100% Organic Farmland
Usa-city is located in beautiful countryside of north east Japan, looking blurred Kunisaki-peninsula in the distance.


2. Harvest ˇBTransportation
From winter to the beginning of spring, Barley will be harvested in the most nutrient state. Barley is harvested when they are still young. On the same day of the harvest, it becomes juice. As soon as its harvest, it is gathered and carried to the factory within 5-10 minutes.


3. Washing process
Green Barley grasses are brought in factory and washed by fine groundwater for many times.


4.  Concentration
Going through some processes of crushing, barley juice is gathered into condensed tank.


5 Spray - Dry process
Unheated fresh juice is carried into spray drier device.


6. Packaging
Final packaging with 6-successive automatic packaging machine at packaging department.


7. Quality Control
Safety is the top priority for dietary supplement. To achieve and keep it, we practice strict quality control at our lab as well.




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