Over 50 year's History in Pharmaceutical Industry

Yee Cheong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1950s as Yee Cheong & Company by Mr. C.Y. Hui to import top-of-the-line veterinary medicines from Europe to Hong Kong. He chose the name consciously, as “Yee” means “integrity” and “Cheong” means “prosperity”. Together, these two words signal “integrity brings prosperity.”
In 1985, our company entered a new phase of business: international trading of pharmaceutical ingredients between China , Japan , Europe and the United States . In 1988, we were incorporated into Yee Cheong Pharmaceutical Company Limited (YCP) to handle the substantial growth in our pharmaceutical business. 
Committed to Bringing Out the Best from Nature

In 1985, Connie Choi, who succeeded to the founder, established and commenced the health supplement department in Yee Cheong.  Having promoted nutraceuticals and functional foods thereafter, natural health products have become a strong core business for us today.  Because of our commitment to creating better health, we supply and market only premium products from the original formulators with the best quality, purity and potency.

Quality Product with the Focus on enviromental Protection

Since the earliest time of Yee Cheong till today, we have been marketing the natural products of 100% organic without any contamination of pesticide and herbicide. To promote environmental awareness amongst the community, Yee Cheong will make sure the products that they brought in the market will be natural organically grown; all nutrients remain in their natural state without any chemical contamination.  All products are of high quality, meeting the strict examination about product ingredients specification and production standard, that brings high quality and safety to our products.

Partnership for a Healthier Future

Because of Mr. Hui's ethic of upholding integrity in all aspects of business, Yee Cheong has been fortunate to develop excellent long-term relationships with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, enabling us to bring best-of-category products to consumers.
Today, we pride ourselves on our experience in supplying science-based premium products to the industry. With our core values of quality, integrity and partnership, we market our products in a professional manner and are committed to educating medical practitioners, store personnel and consumers with up-to-date nutritional information. We are confident that together with our business partners, we can grow and prosper as we help create a healthier future.