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Title: Prostate Cancer
Date: 2009-05-27


The prostate is a small gland, about the size of a walnut, found only in men. The prostate produces a thick white fluid called semen which mixes with the sperm produced by the testes. It also produces a protein called prostate specific antigen (PSA) which turns the semen into liquid. Prostate cancer generally affects men over the age of 50. Prostate cancer ranks as the 4th most common cancer among men in Hong Kong in 2006. There were 1,068 new prostate cases in 2006. The total number of prostate cancer has increased dramatically by 141% during the last ten years (443 cases in 1997 vs. 1,068 cases in 2006), whilst the number of deaths has increased by 95.2% (146 deaths in 1997 vs. 285 deaths in 2006).
Source: Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority, 2006
Although the causes of prostate cancer are unknown, there are some factors that are known to increase the likelihood of developing the disease, such as
  • Men who eat more meat than vegetable
  • Men who have close relatives (a father, uncle or brother) who have, or    have had cancer of the prostate, are more likely to develop it
  • Men who have long exposure to different chemical
The symptoms of both benign prostatic enlargement and malignant tumors are similar and may include any of the followings: 
  •    Difficulty in passing urine
  •    Passing urine more frequently than usual, especially at night
  •    Pain on passing urine
  •    Uncommonly, blood in the urine
The “best treatment” for Prostate Cancer ,especially for the old age or individual who also suffers from other diseases, will be “regular checkups”. The sizes, type and growth rate of the tumor have to be closely monitor. 
There are different treatment option including surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiotherapy. The treatment option can be combined therapy.
A healthy lifestyle is needed to minimize the causes of Prostate Cancer. Therefore a good eating habit of more vegetable/ cereal than meat/ fatty food is also an important way to prevent cancer. People who have a family history of Prostate Cancer must be more cautious, consult doctors and conduct regular checkups if necessary.